Rail line

Resident concerned about the financial cost of a rail trail

I have heard that Kelowna, Lake Country, Coldstream and the Regional District of North Okanagan are considering buying the old rail line.

Well let’s get one thing straight. This is our tax money and before anyone plans on spending any of it I demand they hold information sessions, an online survey and finally a referendum.

I want to see a complete business start-up plan with all costs and planned revenue.

I think it is time that all levels of government start to realize that they have to involve us the people who pay their wages in how they use our money.

If they do not like it, then let’s vote them all out and fire the ones that we do not elect. I, for one, am getting tired of everyone sitting in their ivory towers and making plans on how to spend more money and increase our tax load.


Garry Haas




Vernon Morning Star