Pssst … Happy Birthday CBC

Fears the Conservatives will slash the CBC budget

November 2 will be the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s first broadcast and I am almost afraid to say anything.

There is a chance my comments will be noticed by the Prime Minister or one of his right-handed, tight-fisted, free-market economists.

Apparently Harper and some of his Conservative cronies sufferer from an irrational fear that the CBC is controlled by left-leaning conspirators with university degrees in the Arts and Humanities, therefore, it is risky to wave a CBC birthday banner in front of that sort of paranoid bull.

Harper has demonstrated a fondness for controlling events and spinning the news.

A good example is the ongoing allegation against Tony Clement, one of his cabinet ministers, for misappropriating federal funds. Harper’s response has been to circle the wagons and try to shoot the questioners.

The Conservatives must be afraid of what the truth might reveal.

What happened to Harper’s promises of integrity and accountability? When governments cover up the truth, the people always suffer.

Today’s monolithic media conglomerates reward people who add to the ‘bottom line,’ not those who aspire to investigative journalistic excellence.

Citizens need unbiased information, free from high-paid corporate and political spin-doctors.

Happy Birthday, CBC. Thank you for 75 years of diverse, entertaining and informative programming.

Keep up the good work. Canada needs you now more than ever before.

Lloyd Atkins





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