Progressive wages, taxes in 1970s

Re: Return of that ‘70s political show,  B.C. Views, April 1, 2011.

In this column Tom Fletcher bashes the more social democratic society of the 1970s in which workers were represented by strong unions, received living wages and benefits, and the vast wealth of Canada was more fairly distributed by a fair, progressive tax system.

He quotes the ‘’wise’’ John Manley, president and chief executive officer for the Business Council On National Issues (now called the Canadian Council of Chief Executives), that lobbies on behalf of the largest corporations in Canada, in an effort to justify Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s proposed corporate tax cuts.

Canada already has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the G20 developed nations. Reducing Canadian corporate taxes will not further increase Canadian competitiveness or investment, but will reduce the federal budget and enable the federal government to further slash funding to health care, unemployment benefit, child care, and education — all of which are beneficial investments in people and society.

People such as Fletcher and Manley think government should be run by big business for big business. In a true democracy business is a servant of the people and government is ran by people for the benefit of all people.

Francis Blundell

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