Prime minister’s lesson on democracy

To the editor:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper deserves credit for teaching Canadians an important lesson about democracy; namely, beware of any campaigning politician who promises open government and fiscal accountability.

For sometime, the Harper Conservatives have been pushing their much-vaunted law-and-order agenda, but have demonstrated a reluctance to disclose the multi-million-dollar price tag of their vote-catching scheme.

Given the mounting number of scandals associated with the Harper government, the new prisons may turn out to be guest houses for some of Harper’s hapless supporters.

Do not be surprised if Mr. Harper tries to deflect all questions about unethical Conservative conduct by wrapping himself in a Canadian flag and making well-rehearsed, carefully-crafted speeches about the need for decisive leadership – his leadership of course.

Why else was he in such a hurry to commit Canada to the Libyan campaign without first consulting Parliament?

Also expect him to play his tattered “I’m-an-economist” card without wanting to discuss the size of recent Conservative budget deficits.

All this political theatre is being played out against the backdrop of another Conservative smear campaign; this one is targeting Michael Ignatieff’s family.

Our prime minister’s day-to-day actions speak louder than his carefully contrived words. It seems clear Stephen Harper has a preference for autocratic government, providing he gets to play the despot.


Lloyd Atkins



100 Mile House Free Press