Pot growers falling behind on their harvests

In most cases, the licenced marijuana producers are not providing anywhere near the volume projected.

To the Editor:

Re: City becoming a pot hot spot, Editorial, Aug. 21.

It is easy to read optimistic projections from the new licenced producers and gain the impression that production of medical cannabis may far exceed what would be required, but the reality is that, in most cases, the producers are not providing anywhere near the volume projected.

As a medical cannabis patient and activist, I hear many reports from patients who are signed up with licenced producers who cannot meet their needs. Tilray is the only producer that I have heard to be keeping up with demand.

This new program is greatly flawed, with patients being forced to commit to a specific producer. Insufficient production and recalled product mean that many patients cannot get the medicine they require. If people are using cannabis to prevent seizures, for example, they may find themselves in a life-threatening position if their order cannot be filled. Someone like me, dealing with a severely arthritic club foot, would only have to cope with serious mobility issues and pain. Fortunately, I have my medicine.

As more and more people are discovering the benefits of cannabis medicine, we need to ensure that patients have access to the medicine of their choice.

Glenda BarrLantzville

Nanaimo News Bulletin