Post card memories of the past

Old-fashioned method of communication hearkens back to a gentler time

When was the last time you received a post-card?

If you don’t know what that is, ask someone who is at least in their 40s.

Most often the people who sent the post-card would be home before the card, but it was always the thought that counted. One picture, capturing an entire holiday … often it would be the front view of a hotel, or a water scene, or a famous landmark of the country visited.

With school out for the summer and people making plans to travel, I wonder what the perfect picture post-card might be for you?

If you could predict the scene marking your ideal vacation, what would it be?  Would it be a picture of some far off exotic place? Would it be about some activity, or a gentle and relaxing scene? Would there be people?

I remember asking my mother if God ever went on vacation. I had already learned that God was ‘on call’ every day and not just on the days we humans named as our holy days.

It made perfect sense that now and then God would need a holiday. My Mom was pretty sure the Creator did not take vacations, but she also advised me to talk to my grandmother.

I liked her answer; it made me smile and feel very safe and valued. Holding my face in her hands and looking deep in my eyes, she said, “My child, God knows the enjoyment of a vacation, every time you laugh.”

I trust you are able to experience the scene on your imagined post-card, and also remember that the picture on God’s post-card is you … laughing.   


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