Police misconduct

Saanich officer had no right to demand identification from cyclist

There is only one answer to the arrest of Saanich cyclist Andrew McLean after asking why the constable was demanding to see his identification (Saanich News, Feb. 1).

Give the police officer who violated his civil rights a one-way ticket off the police force. We fought and won a war so we do not have to carry around our papers to show to any authority figure. The question “May I see your papers please?” is something you could expect to hear in Nazi Germany.

If the police ask me for ID for no apparent reason I will ask them to show me the law that requires me to show ID on demand; show me the law that says we even have to carry around ID unless we are driving or buying alcohol or something of that sort. We can leave that kind of system to North Korea.

Andre Mollon



Saanich News