Pipelines, resource extraction good

Activists are doing the bidding for international corporate interests


Pipelines, resource extraction good

Blessed unrest? More like vanity projects funded by foreign actors. Most First Nations are in favor of economic prosperity. Social justice is just a code word for hating the successful and blaming others for one’s own shortcomings.

Yes I agree wilderness and clean water need to be protected but the government has such a poor record. There is still an issue with lack of drinking water on reserves. (federal jurisdiction)

Those social programs are not possible without a strong economy. Pipelines and resource extraction are a big part of it. Forestry is a renewable resource and a carbon sink. By law any trees cut down must be replaced. We have over 347 million hectares of forest, 3rd most forested country. Eighty per cent of Canada is uninhabited and left to nature. Clearly, those activists do not get out of the cities much.

Our natural gas, if we could export it, would significantly cut carbon emissions world wide. The use of natural gas is how the U.S. was one of the few to meet its Paris accord targets (even after they withdrew from it). Blocking pipelines from being built is making it impossible to reduce CO2 emissions.

Activists are doing the bidding for international corporate interests by hamstringing our local businesses. Resources are going to be used. It is a question are they coming from jurisdictions with high environmental and human standards like here; or from some despotic place where there is no regard for the environment or human life?

S. Innis


Cowichan Valley Citizen