Parking congestion on city streets

One of the elements that I was looking forward to with the new secondary suite bylaw was the fact that each suite would need to provide one off-street parking spot.

I thought that would help to ease some of the parking congestion that I see while driving around my neighbourhood.

That is until I realized that it wasn’t so much the renters that were causing the problems, but the actual owners. So many garages are so crammed full of “stuff” that owners are unable to park in their garages and instead park on the street.

None of that is going to change as a result of the new bylaw, in fact, owners will probably give renters their one extra spot and instead park in the street.

Until something can be done to address the issue of owners parking in the street instead of their garages, we’ll continue to have impossible parking congestion in our streets.

Mike Wellar

Surrey Now Leader