‘Pan to the girl with her head in the toilet’

Concerned with he effects of advertising on impressionable minds

Re: Did they ruin our brains? Letters, Aug. 29).

I find it ironic that the comments made in the letter ‘did they ruin their brains’ was printed on Page 7 of the News and yet on Page 9 we see a full page ad for a local pub promising all sorts of bonuses if you buy their alcoholic beverages. For someone so concerned over the effects of advertising on impressionable minds, do you not have a problem with this form of advertising?

Is it OK to peddle a product that is responsible for the deaths of many, both directly and indirectly, has resulted in destroying families, careers and lives due to its addictive properties, solely because our government says it is OK?

Also, you may want to check your facts when you say ‘most people’ as there have been some recent surveys both in B.C. and Canada that have indicated that greater than 50 per cent of respondents would be OK with the legalization of  marijuana.  While the jury is still out on the negative effects of marijuana, there clearly seems to be evidence that there are some medicinal properties of the plant.

So because the government says you can have a glass of wine or hit the pub after a hard day, that’s OK. Yet, if someone wants to relax by smoking some marijuana after a hard day, you call them down and judge them. What is the difference? Oh, yes,  large corporations and taxes, neither of which currently apply to the production of marijuana.

Perhaps the first step in addressing your concerns is to eliminate all alcohol advertising and sponsorships so those inclined to be influenced by advertising are protected. Or, how about some truth in advertising.  Why not show that ‘fun’ beer commercial party after they have been drinking all night.  Pan to the shot of the teenage girl with her head in the toilet. Should help to sell some beers.

Wayne Thompson

Maple Ridge


Maple Ridge News

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