OUR VIEW: Is this the right time for a federal election?

Most people have a lot on their plates at this time and it only gets busier next month

Canadians will have a chance to vote in a federal election scheduled for Sept. 20, 2021. [Black Press Media]

On Sunday, the prime minister visited the governor general to ask that parliament be dissolved so an election can be held.

Of course Canadians have suspected for weeks that the call was coming.

And there’s plenty of people none too pleased that this nation goes to the polls Sept. 20.

The experts will fill the air with their insights into why an election was called now, including speculation that Justin Trudeau is trying to establish a stronger, majority government.

But Canadians are a bit busy, so the timing is not necessarily welcome.

While it sometimes seems, when going into public spaces, that there isn’t this thing called COVID-19 still playing out and putting people in hospital, it’s still the overwhelming concern of most people around the globe.

That brings into play people’s health, concern for loved one and strangers, the rise of variants, the overburdened health-care system, and livelihoods.

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On top of that, many Canadians are worried about just breathing.

British Columbia may be having the worst time of it with wildfires, but Alberta and the rest of the Prairies – as well as the provinces to the east – also face summertime wildfire issues.

Every B.C. community dealing with the fires is busy dealing with evacuations, alerts, orders, roads blocked off due to fire or, as in the case of Lytton, mudslides, lightening, stupid people who cause most of these fires, keeping pets safe, how to protect livestock, loss of homes and other property, and how to make a future when fire has torn through the landscape.

Since September is nearing, that means back to school for children. The election will hit just about the time COVID cases will start to show up in schools – since children 12 years and younger can’t be vaccinated – and society has still not reached high rates of double dosing.

Even Canada’s role in the misery unfolding in Afghanistan is on people’s minds.

All this instability could breed resentment that could play out in the election results. This would be the perfect time for Elections Canada and the federal government to ensure that technology is brought to bear so Canadians have more safe and convenient ways to cast their ballots.

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