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Re: ‘We can’t revisit this’, April 7.

To the Editor,

Re: ‘We can’t revisit this’, April 7.

The residents of Nanaimo have been given the impression that Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George are allowing illegal drug use in their housing projects for the homeless.

This is false.

Kamloops’ Emerald House, Emerald on Third for women and children does not allow drugs and alcohol allowed on the premises. Henry Leland House has no drug policy in building.

At Prince George’s Bridget Moran Place, drugs are illegal and not allowed. Phoenix Transitional House is a zero-tolerance house. At Friendship Lodge (LEEDS building), illicit drugs are illegal and as such are not allowed in any programs or buildings.

Kelowna’s Willow bridge (LEEDS Building) does not tolerate drugs on site.

Mayor John Ruttan states funds may be lost if locations are changed.

Neighbours complained to council in Abbotsford concerning a similar project for high-risk tenants in a residential neighbourhood and the project was cancelled.

Abbotsford is now building drug- and alcohol-free apartments for women and children.

We do not have 160 homeless in Nanaimo, but we have many struggling single parents living in sub-standard conditions. Where is their LEEDS building?

Barb Wilson


Nanaimo News Bulletin