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The city should look at areas that currently have no sidewalks before replacing any on Martin Street

Before the city goes about financing the removal then replacement of the existing sidewalks along Martin Street perhaps they should look at installing sidewalks on streets that currently have none.

As a business operator on Riverside Drive, I feel that the city is neglecting and even perhaps setting themselves up for a potential legal action for the lack of any sidewalks along Burnaby Avenue and Riverside Drive. This area has heavy foot and vehicle traffic from nearby businesses and residents and offers nowhere but the road for foot traffic to travel. This problem gets magnified during our summer tourist season as this area is the launch area to float the channel, and with no real parking in the area (that’s a discussion left for another time), it is amazing that there has been no serious incidents.

If the property owners along the 200 block of Martin wish to have their sidewalks torn up and replaced with gold bricks at their expense by all means allow them that opportunity, but in fairness how about giving all of us any sort of sidewalk for ours and our guests’ safety.

Ken Lauzon





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