Opinion: The gift of giving

And as we head toward the holiday season, there are many opportunities to feel the warmth of giving.

As the days grow darker and nights grow colder, there is an easy way Chilliwack residents can find a bit of warmth.


Fews things warm the heart like a simple act of kindness.

And as we head toward the holiday season, there are many opportunities to feel that warmth.

Chilliwack has a history of opening its cupboards and its wallets around Christmas time. Every year more than 500 families are helped through the Christmas Sharing Program – a partnership between Chilliwack Community Services, local Rotary members, businesses and the Salvation Army. Additionally, families, individuals, service clubs and organizations step forward to support the many applicants who qualify for the program.

Through their efforts, not only are food hampers provided for the holidays, toys for children of every age are distributed, along with items and toiletries many of us take for granted.

But the Christmas Sharing program is just one opportunity. Throughout Chilliwack there are charities that count on the support of the community. Without it, agencies like the Ann Davis Transition Society, Meadow Rose Society, Restorative Justice and Chilliwack Hospice Society can’t continue to do their good work. A gift today helps them to continue providing their valued services long after the holidays end.

Prefer to spread your giving out? Charities welcome monthly donations, made automatically throughout the year.

Your support might be as simple a stuffing a few dollars into one of the many Sally Ann kettles outside most grocery store. Or it could involve adopting an entire family.

The need is here.

And with a little research, we can all share in that holiday glow.

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