OPINION: Hugs and slugs

OPINION: Hugs and slugs

From trophy hunters, to shovellers and aviators, Hugs outnumbered Slugs 6-4.

SLUGS: To the trophy hunters killing unarmed bears. They are majestic! You are not!

HUGS: To my friend who gave me the opportunity to experience the Kootenay mountains in a helicopter.

HUGS: To the man who shovelled the deep sand off the highway shoulder. You did a great service to all cyclists. Thanks! Safe cycling!

HUGS: To the young man who turned around and offered me assistance while my vehicle was broke down on the side of the highway. Chivalry is not dead!

HUGS: To the commercial and private aviators who follow the published rules and fly over the lake on take off at the Nelson airport. Thank you

SLUGS: To the commercial and private aviators who have total disregard for the published rules And continually take off over our Fairview neighbourhood, making it unbearable to enjoy our outside spaces. Shame on you.

SLUGS: To grocery stores that advertise big savings on items in their flyer and then it goes through the till at regular price. You always have to be checking. Not acceptable!!!

HUGS: To those responsible for shoring up the small spit of land on the dog walk and for planting the trees. It looks lovely now and will be even better when the trees have grown. Well done. – Appreciative walker

HUGS: Big hugs to the crew who found a solution to what had been an ongoing erosion issue in front of our homes. You were professional, polite and extremely efficient in finding and implementing satisfying solutions to the problem, all within a very timely manner.

SLUGS: To the person who stole my cat from Chatham St. Really, how can you live with yourself, stealing a beloved family pet who is missed just like a family member? Could you not go find your own cat and build your own relationship instead of leaving us as though someone has died in ours?

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