Ongoing investment

Federal government continues to invest our tax dollars in the port of Prince Rupert

It should be of no surprise to any but the political naive that our federal government continues to invest our tax dollars in the port of Prince Rupert.

This port being one day’s sailing closer to the Orient than Vancouver gives shippers that edge should they need it, and fits in very nicely with our government’s endeavours of greater trading opportunities with China and the orient.

Colin Mayes quite rightly reports that our tax dollars are at work in an ongoing investment. How anyone but the politically blind can construe this report as support for the Skeena riding’s NDP MP Nathan Cullen is mind boggling.

I believe that our government will do what is in the best interest of the Canadian people no matter who they choose to elect or in spite of.

The NDP’s policy and employment ideas tend to gravitate to government employment and a vast bureaucracy of civil servants, policies that are totally alien to entrepreneurs and their investors.

I believe that Colin Mayes was not making comparisons and was certainly not praising Nathan Cullen.

Had the Okanagan-Shuswap riding the need for investment of the magnitude needed for the Prince Rupert port, and it was in the best interests of the Canadian people, I have no doubt that the capital would have been there from inception.

Ron Lovell, Vernon



Vernon Morning Star