One of 80 per cent?

Former teacher says majority of teachers didn't volunteer their time

Editor, The News:

Re: Time for waiting has passed (Letters, April 18).

I have thus far resisted getting into the debate on teacher job action, but Brian Koven’s advice to Rich Goulet is naive at best and otherwise completely demeaning considering the number of hours Rich Goulet has dedicated to school sports, as well as taught in the classroom.

I speak as an ex-teacher of grades 7-12 and, in my experience, only about 20 per cent of the teaching staff engaged in extracurricular activities.

My question is how do volunteer activities by this 20 per cent get to be used to increase the wages of the 80 per cent who do not participate in extracurricular activities?

Another question would be, what are the odds that Mr. Koven is one of the 80 per cent?

Lou Rene Legge

Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge News

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