On guard for thee

Americans put Canadians to shame with their patriotism

I am deeply saddened with the lack of patriotism in this area when our national anthem is considered an unnecessary item on the agenda of our all candidates meetings.

It is an integral part of our Canadian heritage, our home and native land. God keep our land glorious and free, Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!

It is shameful that many do not know the Canadian Anthem, yet understandable when it appears to have been put out to pasture.

I suppose the word ‘God’ is offensive to some.

It’s now more than ever all Canadians need unity and pride for the ounce of democracy we may have left in this country. I am honored to be a Canadian citizen with true patriot love and very proud to show it.

I commend our neighbors across the border, they put us to shame!

Maureen O’Hearn


Qualicum Beach



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