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Columbia Valley RCMP Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac shares his stories of policing and life.

There must be added stress on the son or daughter whose parents are police officers in a small community.  However there are some advantages.  One of the advantages and pleasures I had in Golden was my relationship with the youth in the community.  My son started in Golden in Grade 1 and graduated there. As a result of being involved with his activities, the interaction and relationships established during those 13 years with the youth were the best experience of my career to date.

My son, in his partying days (still ongoing), happened to be with a large group at a house party. Unfortunately for the kids, it was just a few houses from me and was getting noisy and out of hand. I requested the officers working to attend the house and tell them to keep it quiet.  The response back was the young man holding the party was not co-operating. So, Sheriff of Mayberry kicks in.  I phone the house in question and request they put my son on the phone. My instructions to him were brief. “You have ten minutes to decide who your best friends are and leave the house.”

No uniform required. I walk over to the house where uniformed police officers were waiting. I follow some party goers into the house and announce the party is over. I stood at the door as they were leaving and felt like a steward for people getting off a plane.  Thanks for coming, bye, bye.  Thanks for coming bye, bye.  Some kid obviously new to town demands, “Don’t you need a warrant to do this?”  My response, “Not in Golden, thanks for coming bye, bye.”  Love small town policing.


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