Omar Khadr was a child soldier

What is wrong with some of my fellow Canadians?

Editor The Times:

What is wrong with some of my fellow Canadians?

Omar Khadr was a child soldier taken to Afghanistan by his father (who met a very deserved fate).

Omar Khadr was tortured into a confession (where is the outrage here? Evidently in the minds of some of my fellow Canadians this is fine as long as its done by the Americans).

Then Khadr rotted in Guantanamo – a disgrace all in itself that even Barack Obama didn’t get shut down. Donald Trump claims he would expand it plus throw in a little water-boarding for good measure.

Which brings me to that ridiculous lawsuit brought against Omar Khadr by the widow of the US soldier that Omar Khadr supposedly killed (this in itself has not been proven).

Just think of this one! There were some 6,000 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. What a pile of legal fees could be charged if this Speer thing sets a precedent.

If Omar Khadr had to serve any kind of jail time it should have been here in Canada. However although this whole mess started with Jean Chretien’s Liberals, it was the Conservatives under that mean-spirited Harper who, when they weren’t harassing the Kingston birdwatchers over their tax status were off plotting some nasty thing which included making the rich richer. They dragged their feet.

Don’t forget Harper wanted Canada to be part of Bush’s “coalition of the willing.” Omar Khadr stayed in Guantanamo until pressure became too great!

Dennis Peacock

Clearwater, B.C.

Clearwater Times