(Left to right) Brian Rogers (People’s Party), Cade Desjarlais (NDP), Imre Szeman (Green), Tim Krupa (Liberal) and Tracy Gray (Conservative) will be seeking to represent Kelowna-Lake Country in Ottawa this fall. (Contributed)

Okanagan student pens Kelowna-Lake Country election candidate concerns

LETTER: UBCO student defends Liberal Tim Krupa from Conservative Tracy Gray

How low can a person go? That is the question that has been percolating in my mind. Kelowna-Lake Country is on the map for having a world class university which is an economic driver for the community. It is also the centre to develop young ideas, ambitions and urge young people to go out and conquer the world. So I am shocked and disgusted when I hear comments from the current Conservative candidate Ms. Gray about the Liberal candidate Tim Krupa being from out of town when really he is not. The comments are a low blow.

I am currently studying at UBC-Okanagan. I am also from Kelowna and would like to live, work and at some point raise a family here. The message from Ms. Gray I get is “You are not welcome.”

Rightly or wrongly that is my take away. She keeps bringing up Tim Krupa’s work history. Does she even realize he is now working for a pension fund manager for our seniors and would in fact be taking a pay cut should he win the riding.

Many of us leave the Okanagan Valley to gain worldly experiences. Some of us manage to come back. Tim is a shining example of a successful person who has come home to serve. Does Ms. Gray know while at UBC-Okanagan Tim Krupa won the Prestigious Deepak Binning Foundation endowment scholarship given to students who have served their community and country? The same spirit of service has brought him home to serve the people of Kelowna-Lake Country.

Our generation wants to know about issues that will impact us. I for one want to know about Ms. Gray’s position on global warming and climate change, our global health crisis not keep hearing the same annoying line attacking Tim Krupa. We are the future of this country and we want to know what the candidates will do to steer us in a direction where the planet and its inhabitants will be able to survive.

I urge my university friends to vote in this election. It is very crucial to the future of our planet. When you cast your ballot please think of the issues and which one of the candidates has a plan for the future.

We have a voice, let’s use it.


4th year arts student at UBCO

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