Oh, give us a poem, with plenty of home phones

Re: ‘Slow shift away from land line use’ (Citizen, April 20)

Re: ‘Slow shift away from land line use’ (Citizen, April 20)


I concur with Mr. Aldous on the topic of land phones.

Oh, give me a phone, without fluff I don’t own,

Where I’ll hear what my caller will say,

Where seldom is heard a garbled-up word,

At a price I am able to pay.


How often at night, with buttons all bright,

And my glasses are out in the car,

I have sat there amazed and I thought as I gazed,

That the dial was much better by far


Phone, phone out of range,

Busted car and I’m out in the hay,

Or I’m stuck at the store and it’s home in the drawer,

But, the battery is dead, anyway.


If I had my way, my phone it would stay,

On the wall in the hall with a stool.

When it called with its ring, I’d go straight to the thing,

Not go chasing around like a fool.


And friends that I love, would know where I was,

And would picture me there with a smile.

It’s small things like this, that I know we all miss,

That made our existence worthwhile.


Phone, phone near the range,

Near the sink, radio and the pot,

A right handy thing any time it would ring,

And never wherever I’m not.


Bill Taylor

Maple Bay



Cowichan Valley Citizen

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