Odd Thoughts: Come ROTFL with the Trump talkers

Columnist Bob Groeneveld just can't stay away from a certain political topic.

“Your an idiot.”

It’s an insult you see expostulated in online comment sections quite regularly.

And I darned near end up ROTFL every time I see it. The irony is absolutely delicious, especially since the insult is usually unfairly leveled at an insultee who has made a salient point that a holier-than-thou insulter just doesn’t happen to like.

For those who aren’t conversant with social media abbreviations ROTFL is “rolling on the floor laughing.”

Social media comments rarely offer significant insights into either the topic at hand or an individual sharing the deep thought that consumed them this week – not intentionally, anyway.

But sometimes understanding lies near the surface beneath a comment. I found one self-righteous (alternative) truthsayer who established his intellectual credentials by declaring that he was a “roads scholar.” I believed him. It was the only comment he offered that wasn’t total nonsense.

Trump vs anti-Trump social media battles provide wry entertainment at its best.

Click on any major media post about The Donald’s latest gaffe, failure, or ridiculous assertion. Then kick back and enjoy the show, as hundreds share their barely intelligible intuitive understanding of the new Trump reality with others who were less fortunate than they when the brains were handed out. Each unique perspective is repeatedly repeated by insightful commentators who didn’t bother to read anything beyond… well, actually, anything.

The same cascade can be initiated by posting something positive about the so-called president. Ignorance has become a politically neutral virtue in the good ol’ US of A.

Or, hey! Are you tired of the Trumpsters and SAD snowflakes going at it tooth and nail south of the border? Trudeau vs anti-Trudeau is just as frustratingly fun.

The twits are greener on both sides of the fence.

I just noticed something. Trump and Trudeau both start with Tru… just like Truth.

Langley Advance