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O Christmas Tree, O COVID vaccine

Brenda reminisces about Christmas trees past and looks forward to being vaccinated

I was ready.

A topic floated around in my mind for a few days. Christmas trees. It came to me after seeing a couple old gentlemen somewhere in the world who lived in a care home showing great delight when they were given a little Christmas tree. Decorations and all brought a smile and a memory.

That should have been enough for me to think about the history of the Christmas tree. It was introduced to all from Germany. I even talked to friends about how the Christmas tree fit into their Christmas celebration. Some told of real candles decorating a home tree. Some had different varieties of trees.

In my youth, it was always a trip down the logging road to find the very best tree. There was a little one just for me. Decorating was an experience. Trying to find that one light that had burned out so the rest of the string could light up. Tinsel came from a box in single strands.

Quite simple in the long run. Still a memory stuck in my mind.

After I say all that, I was pondering the efforts from many Canadians who tried to make memories with their families in the time of the virus. Their ideas and suggestions came on Cross Country Check-up on CBC. Creative minds at work.

Like I said, I really did want to write about the festive tree, but I was jolted back to this very day when we were told that Canada now has a vaccine for the virus.

Dr. Henry came on and discussed the science of the vaccine as well as who will get it and when. I know there are many who will not take the vaccine even though we know that more people developing an immunity will help us all.

There is no way I could convince anyone to take the vaccine if they are against it all or feel the virus is a hoax. I would hope if a person is at all curious they would study the words of Dr. Henry then make an educated assessment of the virus.

I know that won’t work. I will take the vaccine when it comes my way. I would hope to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

So, for now, I will sit in this cabin space enjoying the glow from my wood stove and lights on my little fake Christmas trees.

I am sure there are those that would like me to shape up in my views about the virus. I know some who have suffered and died so I will just hope the best for all of us.

You can tell me all about your views when you call 250-846-5095. Maybe an email would work if it comes to mallory@bulkley.net.

Before I sign off today I must pass on a big thank you to many who help me while my knee is bad but for sure I have to thank the good folks at All Seasons who looked after me and my old Buick.

The cost was as the quote told me. I then found out they did extra things to help out. The world needs a lot more good people like that.

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