Nutritious school lunchbag tips

Making lunches seems to be hard for most whether it's for little children, bigger children or even ourselves

Editor, The Times:

School, yes it’s starting again.  Some parents can’t wait; others are more reluctant to see it start again. We all need to keep alive. We basically all try to eat healthy to stay alive. Making lunches seems to be hard for most whether it’s for little children, bigger children or even ourselves. The following is adapted from “It’s back to school time!” by Eat Right Ontario. Sourced May, 2011.

Ten tips for a healthier return to school. Making back-to-school a little healthier is easier than you think:

1. Do some advance preparations by washing, chopping and packaging veggies and fruit as soon as you get home from the store.

2. Keep lunch bags, plastic containers and other lunch-making supplies in one place in your kitchen for easier access.

3. Prepare lunches the night before to save time.

4. Stay stocked up on healthy lunch items so you’re always prepared.

5. Use Canada’s Food Guide to plan out nutritious lunches.

6. Make it fun and let kids help prepare and pack their lunches.

7. Pack frozen juice boxes or water bottles to keep lunches cool.

8. Most importantly – check your school’s food allergy policy

9. Help kids increase their daily activity

10. Set a good example by planning family activities.

I’ll add one of my own. Be sure to have one meal a day when all the family sits down at the table together.  Engage in conversation and remember to let each member of the family have an opportunity to talk. Also don’t forget school routines.  Start now, don’t wait until after school starts.

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