Not the one confused on fascism definition

The topic in the first place was the overuse and misuse of the term "fascist"

Not the one confused on fascism definition

Re: Letter writer confused on definition of fascism (March 25)

I’m not the one who is confused on the definition of fascism. I was engaging the definition, as vague as it is, as articulated by Dara Quast, who I believe is the one conflating or confusing it with Nazism and all that other stuff. Got an issue with that definition? Take it up with that person.

I hadn’t even heard of Moral Foundations Theory until the letter-writer brought it up. I only referred to a study which I heard about. One of the authors just happened to think up the theory. The fact remains that the study indicated that there’s an ideological stumbling block, not necessarily cognitive in nature, that prevents people on the Left from accurately portraying conservative viewpoints, evidenced by the fact that the letter-writer didn’t even accurately refer to what Moral Foundations Theory is all about — it’s not even relevant in this context. If I was going to “refer to” it, I would have actually mentioned it by name. “I’m offended by [x]!” is neither an argument, nor a rebuttal, and is only used by people who don’t have an actual point.

Systemic liberalism, Moral Foundations Theory and Trump Derangement Syndrome are neither strawman arguments nor red herrings. You know what IS a red herring? Pointlessly complaining about alleged slights against peoples’ thought processes when I was clearly only trying to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they’re not deliberately lying about what I’m saying, when the topic in the first place was the overuse and misuse of the term “fascist” and the definition of “Antifa” in that context.

But hey, if the letter-writer insists, then OK, they’re both being deliberately and maliciously deceitful, particularly the letter-writer, especially by deliberately ignoring where I said last time that nobody has to agree with me, which is far more shameful than anything I’ve been accused of. See? Now you don’t have to worry about me slighting anyone’s cognitive abilities. Happy now?

April J. Gibson


Cowichan Valley Citizen