Not so laughable

Yukon soccer player concerned about recent newspaper article

I am writing about your article on Vernon’s athletes at the Western Canada Summer Games. First of all, a round of applause for all of Team B.C.’s athletes is well-deserved.

They were gracious in defeat and (more often than not) victory.

Unfortunately, your article goes against this good grace in calling the 11-0 soccer victory over the Yukon a “laugher.”

I was on that Yukon team and we were proud that we were able to play hard against a province with a much larger pool of players to select for the team.

For example, we had so few players trying out that we only cut two players from the final squad, and one of them was only 12-years-old (trying out for a U-16 competition).

Compare that to B.C.’s extensive tryout system.

Finally, look at the populations in comparison. If the Yukon’s 37,000 people were to play against B.C.’s 4.6 million people and the score did it justice, B.C. should win by a score of 124-1.

Compared to that, 11-0 doesn’t seem like such a “laugher.”

Matthias Hoenisch



Vernon Morning Star