Non-profit organizations getting Langley Township grants should have no issues with transparency

Transparency about spending of tax dollars is vital. Is the Portland Hotel Society scandal not still fresh on everyone’s mind?

Editor: I was very concerned when I read (The Times, May 8) that Langley Township council voted “no” to transparency of how our taxpayers dollars are being spent, when grants are awarded.  Also calling financial transparency “mean and vindictive” does not seem relevant at all to the topic.

Why shouldn’t non-profit organizations have to submit a report to apprise taxpayers  how their grant money was spent?  Sounds like good business practice to me, and I am sure any reputable business school would agree.

I am weary of hearing, after the fact, of  public and non-public officials and organizations who abuse taxpayers’ money.  Is the Portland Hotel Society scandal not still fresh on everyone’s mind?

Is senatorial misuse of taxpayers’ dollars such a long time ago, that some council members cannot remember?

Whether it is a small business or a large municipality, surely it is critical to success that one knows where the money is spent.

Councillors should reconsider how they expect accountability for taxpayers money.  Not everyone is honest. Best practice  and transparency are a must, when it comes to spending taxpayers dollars. Thank you to Councillor Charlie Fox, who championed this degree of transparency  with our tax dollars. Township grants affect my tax dollars — do not give up being the advocate for me and the others that care.

M. Wickman,


Langley Times