No vote for the NDP this election

To the Editor,

To the Editor,

Since I cast my first vote when I reached the eligible age, I have voted NDP, or way back, CCF. Not this election! Premier Horgan has been a great disappointment by not honouring his promises. Site C is plowing ahead despite the prohibitive cost and the unstable land surrounding the construction. He did not remove the factory fish farms destroying our wild salmon with the uncontrolled lice from infected penned Atlantic salmon. He has not listened to Alexandra Morton nor the Cohen Commission.

He has called for a cull of 400 cow moose and their calves. I have not seen a moose in my area for three years. This butchery is beyond stupid! He is trying to save the caribou herd, by killing the moose and therefore starving the wolves. It doesn’t work that way. Logging is still allowed in the caribou habitat.

What is the rationale in that? I want representation that defends our environment and respects the wildlife in what’s left of forests.

My vote will be cast for the Green Party.


Lac La Hache

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