No mandate here

Why is Chief Spence still on a fast? It's the two undemocratic and immoral bills

No mandate here

Why is Chief Spence still on a fast? It is the two undemocratic and immoral omnibus bills folks … the two that changed over 167 pieces of legislation without parliamentary debate, reducing not only our democratic right as citizens to be critically informed about what our government is doing in our name, but changed what can be done to the land and waterways as well as what requires an environmental assessment.

All of this was done without consultation with any First Nations  who have never surrendered their land and waterways.  This is not only in contravention of Canada’s Charter and constitution, but international law … and then there are the treaties that are just being ignored.

Every Canadian who cares about democracy  need to find their voice.  Each and every one of us who care about the future of our children and grandchildren need to let Harper know he has no mandate for such a flagrant abuse of power.

Harper and his party have no mandate to implement dictatorial powers that trample our parliamentary democracy, charter, constitution and international law.

Yvonne Zarowny


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