New election, recalled legislation due to election scandal?

Dear editor,
I can't believe how the robocall election fraud scandal keeps getting worse — over 72 ridings now?

Dear editor,I can’t believe how the robocall election fraud scandal keeps getting worse — over 72 ridings now?On CBC Radio 2, a Milton, Ont., man spoke regarding a ‘supposed Elections Canada card’ received by regular mail a day before the election; advising his polling station had been changed to one that is an 18-minute drive, as opposed to his regular one, a three-minute walk from his home.He did turn the card, and a complaint, into EC when he voted. There are so many reports of illegal calls, as well as the Conservatives not willing to allow EC to access to their records, that this looks like a systematic campaign to mislead non-Conservative voters.It takes serious money and major phone number databases to target non-Conservative voters in multiple close ridings. Who paid? Where did the lists come from? I understand these lists are against the law. Who decided?We need full, immediate, and publicly accountable investigations that include all affected ridings. We need a public inquiry to to learn the whole truth and restore the basic integrity of our democracy.This looks like a lot more than just “dirty tricks.” Highly organized electoral fraud is a crime, and a direct attack on the foundation of our democracy.If the sitting government party is found to be responsible for systematic electoral fraud then there must not only be new elections, but every piece of legislation passed since May 2, 2011 should, and must be overturned!If you don’t stand for something — you’ll fall for anything!Cheena Graham,Black Creek

Comox Valley Record

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