NDP response to jobs plan ‘farcical’

Adrian Dix slammed

To the editor:

Listening to Adrian Dix’s finance critic Bruce Ralston on a radio call-in show last week, as he tried to explain why the NDP oppose Premier Christy Clark’s investment in the Prince Rupert port expansion and the Kitimat LNG plant, was almost farcical.

Basically, the NDP’s argument was we would be better off paying for people to go to school.

OK, so let me get this straight: the NDP’s jobs plan is to spend millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to educate people for jobs that don’t exist, while simultaneously opposing tax cuts and investments in projects that would actually create jobs that people could actually train for.

Way to go Mr. Dix, you must have stayed up all night coming up with that plan.

Like a lot of British Columbians, I don’t miss the days of endless deficits, special-interest corruption and unemployment that Mr. Dix’s last tenure in government produced. And it looks like he’s not changed one bit since then.

Whether it’s finding new and exciting ways to send jobs out of the province, like taxing the pants off people and small businesses, or whether it’s “fresh ideas” like taking the forestry industry back to the 1950s and trying to compete with paper and product manufacturers in the global market, clearly Mr. Dix just doesn’t get it.

The NDP were not kicked out of office in 2001 because the people were bored. They were kicked out because they just can’t see past their own noses and make decisions only in the favour of special interests, not the people’s interest.

B.C. is poised to be a leading economy in the 21st century.  Premier Clark gets that fact while Mr. Dix is clearly attempting to capture our hearts and minds by opposing investments in jobs for B.C.

Perhaps the NDP is the one in need of an education.


Pamela Gardner, president

Burnaby Edmonds BC Liberal Association


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