NDP leader needs to face facts

B.C. taxpayers pay the second-lowest income taxes in the country.

It is time for B.C. NDP leader John Horgan to face the fact that B.C. taxpayers pay the second-lowest provincial income taxes in the country.

Horgan is paid a taxpayer-funded salary of $156,014.49 per year – $104,009.66 for an MLA salary and a additional $52,004.83 for the job of official Opposition leader.

With a yearly income of $156,014.49, Horgan would pay taxes of $16,282 in Alberta, $15,647 in B.C., $19,961 in Saskatchewan, $23,426 in Manitoba, $14,099 in Ontario, $40,173 in Quebec, $22,920 in Prince Edward Island, $23,900 in Nova Scotia, $22,785 in New Brunswick and $20,481 in Newfoundland.

Horgan also has to face up to the fact he has his version of the two-per-cent  2016 income discount only  applied to the   B.C.’s  wealthiest.  If he would have done his research, he would have learned the two-per-cent additional discount applied to all B.C. citizens with a yearly income of over $106,543.  This is quite comical for a man who wants to try and become premier of the province.

Joe Sawchuk


Surrey Now Leader