My wait’s over, but list goes on

After a recent MRI at Peace Arch Hospital, Surrey letter-writer is upset with Fraser Health's hospital wait times.

An open letter to Fraser Health.

Just to inform you that I had my MRI test done at Peace Arch Hospital at 2 p.m. on Feb. 8 and did not have to wait until September, and for this I am grateful.

This was due to a cancellation.

The staff were very pleasant and efficient and the experience was satisfactory. However, I am still dismayed by the original stated wait time of eight months that I would have had to endure if a cancellation had not come along as it did.

I presume there are still people on that wait list that are passively accepting this still-ridiculous period.

Your patient-care-quality officer did call me a week back promising to have someone get back to me within the week and explain the state of affairs and what you will be doing to address the situation.

I still expect this communication.

Ivan Scott, Surrey



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