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Letter writer expresses concerns about misleading headline

As the grandmother of a teen with Becker muscular dystrophy and a volunteer for the cause I appreciate your article “Firefighters on the move for MS” Sept. 21.

I’m sure the firefighters were as surprised by the headline as I was.

The article contained correct information about the condition and the firefighters’ 58-year commitment to raising funds and awareness for muscular dystrophy.

Unfortunately your proofreading did not extend to the headline.

MS is indeed a worthy cause and I heartily support any exposure their campaigns receive but confusion between MS and muscular dystrophy already exists and your headline will certainly increase that confusion.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the firefighters!  We can always count on them.

Donna Myers


Editor’s Note: The Morning Star wishes to apologize for the erroneous headline.



Vernon Morning Star

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