Mount Polley Mine meeting important to attend

Companies, governments, and those in-between, create public relations gaffs by not addressing bad situations in time.

Over the years companies, governments, and those in-between have created some major public relations gaffs by not addressing bad situations in time, hoping the publicity would die soon.

Recently McDonald’s decided to run a twitter campaign that sparked a storm on social media.

They pulled the stunt immediately and it was over … they dealt with the situation as soon as they were aware of problems.

When governments run afoul of voters it happens sometimes because they have too many people saying something different about the same thing.

Then the leader has to come out and correct the situation before it gets serious or grossly misunderstood.

Imperial Metals Mount Polley Mining Corporation has, in my opinion and many others, acted very responsible in keeping the public informed.

The first of 12 or so meetings in Likely to keep the residents informed was held right after the spill.

They have been meeting with folks in Horsefly, have met with the Soda Creek and Williams Lake Indian bands, they came into Williams Lake for a question and answer session, met with the Williams Lake and District Chamber of Commerce and many other meetings with MLA Donna Barnett, Environment Minister Mary Polak, Mines Minister Bill Bennett, and Minister Coralee Oakes.

Of course many meetings attempting to get the mine underway have been held and will carry on until the mine is back is in some capacity of production.

I suggest the public relations by Imperial Metals and Mount Polley since the tailings pond break has been very good.

It is a tough job and I congratulate Steve Robertson for all he has done to communicate with the workers, surrounding communities, and he should get some kind of PR medal for all he has done.

Thanks Steve.

Mount Polley followed a similar pattern to McDonald’s in dealing with the public situation immediately.

That was a long lead up to tell you about the Mount Polley Mining Corporation Community Open House at the Gibraltar Room in Williams Lake on Wednesday, April 22 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The Williams Lake Chamber is helping promote this event that everyone who is interested in the Mount Polley situation and wants updates should attend.

This is part of the ongoing communications of the company with the community and is a component of the public comment period related to permit applications for the proposed restart of the mine.

Government representatives, regional, provincial and federal, have been invited to attend this important information meeting next Wednesday. Plan to attend.

Williams Lake Tribune

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