More parking needed

Saanich needs to develop a larger parking lot close to the Glendenning entrance to Mount Douglas Park

Every day we see young families out with children of all ages, from infants to teens. There are many who bike into the Glendenning entrance and lock their bikes to enjoy hiking in the park.  Parents are teaching the young to respect our parks and now most dog owners act responsibly when young, elderly or disabled are approaching.

Unfortunately, the lovely large parking lot above the Mt. Doug Beach access feels too unsafe for many of us to reach the hiking trails. Although it would be wonderful for joggers, baby strollers, seniors, etc. to have an overpass from that parking lot across to a safe area to enter the park, I realize that is unlikely to happen.  It would, however, reduce the risk of cars hitting pedestrians in that very busy stretch of the road heading out to Cordova Bay and the Peninsula.

The new paved parking lot recently built along Blenkinsop Road is far too steep for many to hike up it.

And now, with only five parking spaces available at the Glendenning Road entrance, many of the public feel forced to park along adjacent residential streets, with the knowledge that these areas too may well be deemed ‘Residential Parking Only’.

I am hopeful that the public and Saanich can agree to implementing a more satisfactory solution to this issue and develop a larger parking lot close to the Glendenning entrance.  I feel strongly that the current Band-Aid approach is not working and the situation will only become worse in time.

Joanne Taylor



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