MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Politics trump playoffs

Just some thoughts from the world around us such as it is and, really, what are we going to do about it anyway?....

Just some thoughts from the world around us such as it is and, really, what are we going to do about it anyway?….

…I know I stated I would not watch the NHL playoffs seeing how my team, nor any other Canadian team for that matter, is in it.

But when you get home from a tough day at the office and there’s a meaningful, intense, fast-paced drama unfolding on your TV, for free (well minus the huge cable bill of course), well it’s more than a little tempting to stay on the couch and see how it plays out.

I know, I know, the sun is shining, and I do try to go for a walk each night, but this playoff hockey is good stuff, Canucks or no Canucks.

Plus, I now find myself cheering against teams, like the Blackhawks and Ducks, and it seems to be working out just fine thank you very much.

It’s a different kind of feeling, and a little bit on the negative side, but it gets the juices flowing almost as much as if your own team was in it and it’s all us Canadian hockey fans have so it is what it is (as Todd Bertuzzi used to say).

However, I do know the first round is unfortunately usually the best with the most upsets, thank you very much, so I will move on, and off the couch, soon…..

…..another thing capturing my interest more than usual is the election in the States.

It’s another thing that I’m trying not to watch but, like the hockey playoffs, keeps dragging me in.

Even though every Tuesday seems to be Super, considerably downgrading the significance of the word to the point that Superman is thinking of suing, I tune in anyway to see what the talking heads are saying this week.

And every week it’s the same topic, can Donald Trump actually win the Republican nomination? – and every week he gets closer to the point that it almost seems inevitable at this point.

He keeps saying over and over that he’s going to make America great again and he’s going to rip up trade agreements and build walls and even get rid of the lobby system (which I’m pretty sure he’s benefited from sometime in the past as a very rich guy) in American politics: all generated at targeting the LCD of the average American without really explaining how he’s going to pull all this off in a fairly complicated world.

Anyway it’s working just fine so the question now becomes what does Canada do if the Donald actually wins the White House?

My humble top 10 list:

10. Build a wall and make the U.S. pay for it.

9. If Britain votes to abandon the EU, immediately take their spot thank you very much.

8. Welcome all the people who say they’re going to leave the U.S. if he wins and maybe we’ll be the powerhouse.

7. Aw shucks, if you can’t beat ‘em…let’s make Canada great again too!

6. Nothing. He’s all talk and in reality he won’t be much different than any other U.S. president who has limited powers.

5. It could be worse, have you listened to Ted Cruz?

4. Go, Hillary, go.

3. Appeal to his better nature, and his ego and his hair, and see if Justin and him can’t be best buds.

2. Study The Apprentice reruns and figure out his weak spots.

1. Nothing. But pray a little anyway.


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