Mesachie Fire 'pause' bureaucratic game

Mesachie Fire ‘pause’ bureaucratic game

I see the whole thing as a cannot-lose game by the so-called six figure bureaucrats

Mesachie Fire ‘pause’ bureaucratic game

Re: Mesachie Lake fire department “pause”

I see the whole thing as a cannot-lose game by the so-called six figure bureaucrats.

They really do not want to waste any of their high paid time dealing with local non-payed boots on the ground volunteers, after hours and not through paper trails. The truly sad part is that if the people who are hired to take care of the business cannot do the job they were hired for they still get their pay or generous severance package. The volunteer gets the bitter taste of smoke and cannon fodder.

The local elected officers of the CVRD tend to take direction from the CVRD hired staff rather than give direction to the staff. This is the problem. The fire chief of a volunteer fire department is elected by the members of that hall and has to be vetted by the CVRD as acceptable. As a 32-year member of a local volunteer fire department I honestly believe that if a person was to read what the CVRD expects of an operational firefighter and officers they should have a head examination.

I do it because when one of my friends or neighbours makes a call for help, whatever the reason, I can respond with training and skills that you can only get through training and practice.

Fred Bombord


Cowichan Valley Citizen

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