Mayor’s tactics don’t impress ex councillor

Former North Saanich councillor writes in about personalities on council

Re: The impassable chasm widens (News, July 20)

I had to respond to the motion that the mayor of North Saanich wanted Coun. Ted Daly censured.

I sat on council with this mayor for two years and during that time the bully tactics that were displayed by her team of councillors against me were one of the reasons that I resigned as a councillor. Lack of respect, inclusion on decision, hijacking of agenda made serving the district impossible.

Hiring a mediator might serve a purpose for Daly and the three Team North Saanich councillors, but the others simply decide their decisions are correct and we are the ones who need to change to comply with their agenda.

The whole process would be a waste of time and money.

One of the big frustrating factors for this council is the co-operation of the mayor and chief administrative officer. The CAO of any municipality should serve all council. That is their mandate, not just the pleasure of the mayor.

It is time for this mayor to understand there are many citizens in this district who disagree with her type of politics and do want some changes made in the district so we can afford to stay and live here.

Sheilah Fea

North Saanich

Peninsula News Review