Mainstream media also silencing some views

Such condemnation should also apply to the mainstream media

Mainstream media also silencing some views

In a letter, Perry Foster states, “Social media shouldn’t have been allowed to deplatform Trump” because “they have no right to censor news or info”.

Rightly so, but such condemnation should also apply to the mainstream media, especially so when this sort of thing is happening right under our very noses in Victoria.

That organization is deliberately hiding the rot involved in money laundering taking place in this province, along with the B.S. $25 million Money Laundering “Inquiry” ordered by the NDP. The public would vomit if the truth was ever exposed. The editor of that organization has all the facts in various email submissions sent to the inquiry, but unfortunately, total silence.

I do believe Noam Chomsky hit the nail on the head when he stated; “They (the media owners) naturally are going to perceive issues, suppress, control and shape in the interest of groups that they represent” and “telling their lies, serving as their disinformation apparatus”.

The B.C. Press Council is an organization to make it “appear” newspapers in B.C. are accountable by even inviting the public to “send us your ethical questions” regarding journalism.

Over the past eight months I sent numerous email questions asking if newspapers in B.C. were required to publish corruption taking place in B.C. if they have the evidence to support such a claim. There hasn’t been one single acknowledgement to any of my emails. Words certainly are cheap and in this case only a facade.

So you see Mr. Foster, both social media and mainstream media are controlled, and we should all thank the editor of our local Citizen for her tenacity not to silence any letters to the editor that are not always popular to everyone. At least our voices are being heard. Thank you Andrea!

John Walker

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen