Looking for accountability on Fifth Street

Dear editor,

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

Mayor Bob Wells and Council need to be held accountable for the debacle that is the 5th Street Bridge reno.

I talked with Chris Davidson on May 28 and commented it seemed like they were weeks behind schedule as it seemed only six or eight people were working on the project (two were flag people ).

Chris seemed to think everything was OK and said they were on time and everything was going according to plan.

Fast forward to Aug. 10th – Adam Pitcher called me instead and purported to be the man in charge and yes they were five weeks behind and no there were 12-14 employees working on the bridge and yes they will be on budget.

Now I hear Mayor Bob Wells scolding drivers about the adjusted height for the bridge.

Are there signs with height restrictions highly visible for those drivers with larger, higher vehicles? I know I originally called to avert accidents caused by the way they originally set up the merging lanes to line up traffic for the bridge.

So my point is this – this project was taken on needlessly as it is completely inadequate to alleviate the increase of traffic over the bridge when this project is finished.

We need three lanes and I predict this will not be finished before the end of the year and will be over budget by 10 to 20 per cent.

I would just like to thank the mayor and council for a complete waste of time and money( authorized by the AAP).

And by the way, everyone wants a crosswalk at Tunner Drive and Back Road. Let’s get our priorities straight.

Michael L. Gilbert

Comox Valley

Comox Valley Record