Location still ‘horrendously wrong’

Open letter to MP Colin Mayes:

You may  be very aware, the following moral and ethical, extremely concerned groups, societies and associations, have been, for approximately two years, and still are, working hard to avoid impending ecological disaster on our outskirts. These groups are: Wa:ter, Wetland Alliance, CASSA, SEAS, SLIPP, Jim Cooperman, Watershed Round Table, SABNES, Switzmalph Cultural Society, Shuswap Trail Alliance, Fish and Game Association, and Ducks Unlimited. Additionally, professsional and in-depth, extensive scientific studies, proving the proposed location is dangerously wrong, have been done at considerable expense by an enviromental bioligist, soils and vegetation scientist, hydrologist, geo-terrain scientist, professional forestry bioligist, professional cngineer and geomorphologist. A Salmon River Delta flood risk and hazard assessment is yet to be done. One of the above groups learned that an erroneous riparian assessment had been used by the developer, SmartCentres. Further, there may have been  incomplete information from the mayor and council of the day to MOE, DFO and ALC prior to reclassification of the subject delta land from farm to commercial.

I trust and expect that if MOE, DFO and ALC had known then what all of the above groups and scientific studies have since proven, i.e when they gave their approval to reclassify, they would never have approved.

A moratorium is clearly required now on moral, ethical and environmental principles. For totally unselfish reasons, all the groups, their members, professionals, and literally hundreds of people and their friends, probably expanding to a large segment of our population, have held many public meetings with detailed and very graphic PowerPoint presentations, with solid, scientifically proven, verified information, that the location is horrendously wrong.

People, the evidence for a moratorium, is right in front of our faces – can anyone  deny with a straight face?

Mr. Mayes, I have emailed you approximately four times over the past year, and you have not given one reply.


Tom Sveinson


Salmon Arm Observer