Light change

Resident praises City of Vernon's decision on 25th Street

I am happy to see good sense prevailed and plans to butcher 25th Street (like they did on 20th Street) have been sent back to the drawing board.

Sidewalks would definitely be an improvement and maybe a bike lane too.

As for the pedestrian crossings, we have two on 20th Street that are seldom used as people cross where and when they want.

If people want less traffic on 25th Street, get the light at 43rd and 27th changed.

Give us a left turn on to 27th Street. There’s a left turn heading east but none going west.

People, myself included, take 25th Street to avoid sitting for a light or two just to head south onto 27th Street.

Now that would make more sense and cost a lot less.


Bob Desy




Vernon Morning Star