Liberals trying to legislate morality

Every time Trudeau runs into trouble a new "woke" initiative pops into being


Liberals trying to legislate morality

History has shown us time and again that you can’t legislate virtue or morality. From the “Blue Laws” of Puritan England and the oppressive rules of the Geneva theocracy to the social legislation of 20th century political regimes like Maoist China or the Soviet Union, none of it works. People will always rise up against legislated “right think.” The regimes responsible always collapse and eventually become the detritus of history.

Knowing this, why on earth are governments, like the current Trudeau Liberal mandate in Canada, attempting to transfer “woke culture” ideology into law? Every time Trudeau runs into trouble a new social justice initiative or “woke” initiative pops into being and becomes the focus of our attention. Are these erstwhile attempts at social justice warrior heroics an attempt to provide a better world whether you John and Jane Q. Citizen like it or not, or are they political manoeuvring designed to deflect our attention away from the numerous ethical violations and failed policies the current government has indulged in?

It may be a little of both but most likely the latter. You can’t legislate morality. As I said before, it doesn’t work, and you can’t get people to agree with you when they know better. There’s a lot more common sense and wisdom in the average person’s point of view than the progressive elites give them credit for.

That’s the main reason people are now protesting across Canada against draconian legislation they believe to be wrong. Are they always right in their convictions? Perhaps not, but they can smell increasing dictatorial control of their lives miles away.

From the “Great Reset” (no not a conspiracy theory, Mr. Trudeau, since you yourself mentioned it more than once and the World Economic Forum advocates it) to the multitude of legislation introduced by the Liberals to engineer crucial aspects of our lives and liberty, people are beginning to sense what is going on and they don’t like it one bit.

From the attack on small business to the attestation controversy, from the multitude of “C” bills from C-16 to C-6, and from the constant stream of “woke” legislation and sentiment coming out of Ottawa to laws that seek to prevent people from expressing their point of view, the citizenry of Canada understands one thing: you can’t legislate morality, and any attempt to do so will eventually fail. Present your beliefs and we the citizenry will let you know how we feel about it. Otherwise, don’t try to legislate our lives and tell us what to believe.

Perry Foster


Cowichan Valley Citizen