Standard letter pic for Houston and Burns Lake

Standard letter pic for Houston and Burns Lake

LETTER:Transgenderism is not a choice; accepting it is

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Re: The editorial “Speaking out for sexual identities” (April 26 Record)

I owned a home at Whistler Mountain and rented out my basement suite for a pre-school day care.

One nice five-year-old boy loved to dress up as a princess. When his parents came to pick him up, they ridiculed him in front of the other kids. The boy couldn’t understand why his parents were so mad at him. The boy did this again and again and each time the parents’ anger grew until he finally stopped.

This child is transgender but the parents wanted nothing to do with it.

“No son of mine is going to be a freak,” said the parents. To be “accepted and loved” by his parents and members of society, this five-year-old buried his feelings and unless he deals with them, the statistics show that one out of seven transgender people who are not supported will attempt or commit suicide. Others might resort to alcohol or drugs.

Please, let’s have compassion. Transgender people are born this way. If you don’t believe this, educate yourself. Knowledge is wisdom.

Laurel Rousseau,


Comox Valley Record