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LETTERS: We want to stay with first past the post

Let's keep it simple


As a dual citizen of New Zealand and Canada, I have resided in B.C. since 1969. I would like to comment on Mark Crawford’s (Advisor article Oct. 12) suggestion that we need to vote on four choices in the electoral referendum. This is exactly how the NDP wants to confuse us and garner support for Electoral Reform.

I understand that the first question on the ballot will ask us: Do we want to stay with first past the post? Which is our present method of electing our candidates.

The answer is YES we want to stay with first past the post. All politicians want to be part of a majority.

The various choices Mark discusses will make no difference to this fact of human nature.

Mark suggests the need for majority governments is a “MYTH.” I suggest that recent elections and governments demonstrate the opposite.

Does Mark overlook the struggle for majority, demonstrated in the last B.C. election where both major parties courted the favour of the extreme minority?

Did Mark notice the compromises made by that minority party to be part of the majority coalition? Their alternative was to sit in the legislature and vote with their principles.

Check out New Zealand and its history with MMP.

In the last New Zealand election, by a caucus vote, the Labour Party ejected its leader and appointed Jacinda Arden. In a tight election result, Jacinda negotiated with (NZ First party leader) Winston Peters, to form a majority coalition using his five seats. Deputy Prime Minister was the deciding favour offered to Winston.

So for six weeks while Jacinda was on maternal leave, the country was run by a caucus appointed leader of a five-seat party. All in the name of power.

And a leader’s instinct to require a majority.

Let’s keep it simple. Vote First past the Post! Strong Government! Recognize leadership!

Vote on results, never mind studying choices which leave the final decision out of our control. Vote yes to first past the post and watch things progress in B.C.

Dick Ford

Williams Lake

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