Letters to the Editor – July 6

Climate, Canada and herbicide

Science Based Information

I’m a father who’s family has been affected by herbicide spraying in Jaffray. I have been laughed at and mocked because I dared challenge a group of neighbours who acted like bullies for several years when I tried to tell them how spraying 2,4D based Killex and Glyphosate based Roundup were causing harm to my children. They claimed that the herbicides were safe and Quadman says his lawyer said he was doing nothing wrong. This use of a supposed authority was a tactic this neighbour used and not unlike what Mr. Paul Visentin uses in his letter by invoking supposed science data from the government. I encourage your readers to view on Youtube “Assault by Pesticides” and watch both videos we have created so far. The third will be a real “science based” disclosure and the following is real science based information.

First of all he sites approval from Health Canada as proof of “science based.” And 2,4D the product that tops the most studied list worldwide as science. Here is a quote from The Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa. They have excellent science based fact sheets on 2,4D.

In evaluating the risk of pesticides, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) measures exposure to one chemical at a time in animals (often rats) and does not account for the cumulative and comprehensive effect of the chemical. In other words, the PMRA does not consider the toxicities of these mixtures……

Combined and cumulative effects of human exposures to these chemicals are not measured, yet chemicals do behave synergistically; they reinforce each other. PMRA spokesmen have admitted that 2,4-D, the main PAR III component, was re-registered by this agency without taking into account the special vulnerability of children. (No developmental neurological data was received by the PMRA, yet in this connection children may be as much as 100 times as vulnerable as adults are to pesticide exposure.) Significantly, 2,4-D lawn use is banned in Quebec, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. And many parts of B.C. and the world now.

Furthermore, I recently travelled to Ottawa and had a meeting with Dr. Shiv Chopra a Health Canada scientist for 30 years and author of the book Corrupt to the Core- Memoirs of a Health Canada whistle blower. And in a response from a PMRA officer concerning why pesticides harmed my son I spoke with Dr. Chopra to receive his expert opinion. He told me what they said was “Gobbledegook.” He said Health Canada and the PMRA do not do any testing of the entire products so what they regurgitate is industry evaluations and promotions of safety. This is science based? Of course not.

The true science on herbicide safety covers “Enzymology.” Research scientist – Anthony Samsel covers this new “Mechanism of Toxicity” in a video that can be seen at Tonymitra.org. And we will be disclosing in our final video the actual science of how herbicides damaged my son and damages us all.

In another outstanding and “science based” presentation a Pro-GMO and herbicide promoter turned anti-supporter of pesticides – because he actually looked at the science now details the science of metalloprotiens and how herbicides disrupt the “human microbiome” and “shikamate” pathway that the herbicide industry still claims humans do not have.

Also, following is more science from Dr. Don Hubert in an interview he gave on “Food Integrity Now” He says all herbicides chelate minerals out of the plant. Here’s a quote.

” The essential minerals serve not only as part of the plant or part of our bodies but they also serve as a regulatory mechanism for most of our enzyme systems. So they are the co-factors or the key that turn on and off these powerful enzymes that do the work. In that chelating process they can immobilize these nutrients and shut down physiological processes. That is essentially how all weedkillers really work – is by immobilizing. The weedkiller will chelate with the mineral to make it unavailable to a particular enzyme system and that system is then shutdown because the mineral that is the key or the cofactor for that enzyme is no longer available to turn it on.”

This is what happened to my son. The herbicides affected his enzyme systems and damaged his little body’s ability to eliminate the toxins.

In our final video we will be releasing more details on the science behind the toxicity of herbicides and 2,4D. More and more cities, school districts and countries are banning the use of these products when they learn the real science based on “scientific integrity.” Citizens of Fernie you serve your children well by keeping this toxin out of your city.

Robin P. Wesman

Executive Director of Holistic Community Foundation

Happy Canada Day

Wandering into downtown early Canada Day for a coffee, I came across a city crew working on the new Rainbow Crosswalk. Overnight someone defaced the crosswalk.

Canada Day, when we celebrate the diversity and tolerance of living in Canada, the city crew must first thing erase (rather, they are mitigating) ignorant intolerance.

We are all different. We are all the same. In the last 200,000 years, since the homo sapien species emerged from the plains of Africa to become the dominant world species, our genetics changed less than one per cent. That accounts for all racial, dietary and physical differences in our species.

We are all the same. We must celebrate and recognize our sameness rather than the tiny inconsequential slivers of differences.


Keith Liggett, Fernie B.C.

Living in a Climate of Change

The Kootenay Co-op Radio series Climate of Change is a beautiful metaphor of what is going on. It’s not only the climate that is changing. As global citizens, we are becoming more aware that our current strategy of economic growth and consumption are not sustainable. Even some levels of government are developing policies attempting to deal with this new reality.

International investment is changing. Energy infrastructure is changing. Although change has occurred throughout our known history, we are in the early stages of far-reaching and rapid change that has yet to be grasped or acknowledged by many.

More than ever, political will is needed to lead us through the transition to a new way of thinking and behaving. The change will happen; but we still have an opportunity to play a role in its direction.

Ron Robinson

Nelson, B.C.

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