Letters to the Editor: July 23

Order and cleanliness; Thanks to Relay for Life sponsors

Order, cleanliness

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I come from Austria to visit my aunt in Cranbrook! It has pleasantly surprised me that the landscape has improved over the last six years, since my last visit.  In the shops and houses there is order and cleanliness, the newly planted trees, shrubs and especially the flowers create a beautiful landscape!

All the more it surprised me that just behind the Joseph Creek Village, with its very well-kept and beautiful park, a wilderness can be seen! The little stream is wild and the lawn not mowed.  Order and cleanliness cannot be seen! The fact that residents in the Joseph Creek Village have to experience the sight constantly surprises me.

Can you not talk to the owner? Or plant trees? Or take other action? I think, especially the older people in our society have a right to orderly conditions! Maybe I can enjoy on my next visit to Cranbrook an improvement of the situation!

Klaus Seyr, Laakirchen, Austria

Relay for Life, Survivors, Sponsors

Things will never be a success without incredible sponsors and I know you are approached more times than we know so we are so thankful that you chose to support us.

Hugs to: Bridge Interiors for a comfy place to meet as always, and to not only Ken who is the best sponsor this city has but to his guys Dean and Joel that also gave up time on Saturday night to help clean up and take down our wonderful place to visit.

• Max’s Place — loved the lemon scones and lavender shortbread they were both a big hit.

• Wayne at Van Houtte Coffee who again supplied us with great coffee and does not even question our asking him year after year.

• Pita Wrapbit (I had forgotten how great your wraps are), and believe me I will not forget again how tasty they were. Subway on the strip, great subs that were enjoyed by many.

• Culligan water was so refreshing on a warm day and for letting us dress the seven foot running man with our Relay jersey you are a very caring business.

• To Len and the staff at Save-On Foods thank you for spearheading the food drive with so many cases of can goods for the Luminaries and because of your generous donations 260 pounds of food went to the Cranbrook Food Bank, please give yourselves and big pat on the back.

• To our lovely ladies from Beta Beta Masters Sorority who have been there to help for many years now and bake us great treats of cookies again your help was incredible as always.

• To Trends and Treasures, EKCC, Kootenay Truck and Saw, Ashley Furniture, Fabricland, Oreen Walker, and Kim Levi for the great door prizes.

• To Liz, Donna and Carl for the pretty flowers to celebrate us.

All of you treat the Cancer Survivors and caregivers so special, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and caring.  It was a great day at our new location and thanks to the city for all that you do.

Donna & Cindy

Co-Chairs for the Survivors

Celebration Village

Cranbrook Daily Townsman