LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Green Thumb proposal looks out of place in Nanaimo

Letter writers predict noise, pollution and traffic and lament loss of green space

A concept for the Green Thumb property in north Nanaimo. (Barefoot Planning and Design image)

A concept for the Green Thumb property in north Nanaimo. (Barefoot Planning and Design image)

To the editor,

Re: Green Thumb developer asking for ‘urban node’ land use, Aug. 5.

Does anyone remember when the property was sold, the owners assured the community it would stay a nursery for at least 10 years? I guess they were dog years.

Looking at the proposal, it looks neither friendly nor approachable to the general public. It looks like a very cold fortress. It looks out of place. There is no need for high-rises on this property. It will dwarf all the surrounding properties. It just doesn’t fit into Nanaimo.

The traffic on Uplands Drive is already too much and the developers are looking to add one of their entrances on Uplands? It’s a two-lane road. I don’t think you could possibly add another two lanes.

We are still in COVID and businesses are struggling to stay open. What kind of boutiques are they expecting to be excited about moving into this complex? I see an issue with parking for the owners or renters let alone any customers that would wish to shop in the stores.

I know the current city council is putting up as many apartments, high-rises and any other thing that will generate more taxes but you have to look at the obvious. Nanaimo is not a high-society type of city.

It doesn’t matter how many bicycle lanes you put in either. Very few people use them. The age component of this city is prohibitive to this type of development. There is just so much wrong with this proposal for that site. Let’s not let this happen.

Robin Hulme, Nanaimo

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To the editor,

Re: Green Thumb developer asking for ‘urban node’ land use, Aug. 5.

I for one, and as a long time resident of Nanaimo and Uplands Drive, have witnessed the decimation of a forest and green spaces from Hammond Bay Road to Rutherford for some time now. Monster warehouse businesses and forebodingly huge condo developments are scarring the landscape.

The increased noise and carbon pollution has made it impossible for any sidewalking pedestrian enjoyment now.

We will no doubt see a die-off of the trees that made a lovely sight in spring and fall because of the added heat from the buildings and carbon build-up to come.

With the many new condos, a huge strain will be put on the infrastructure, water supply and heavy road use that will require repairs.

In my opinion the concrete jungle proposed for the Green Thumb property is the most poorly thought-out idea of all.

When the increasing population fill the condos for sale, it just makes common sense to save the remaining green space and more urgent to give the north enders a much-needed location here for a park, and cleaner, healthier air to breathe.

Reading the plan, one can only envision a few patches of green and short trails to more concrete. Private parking only and more traffic snarls in the whole area.

And 2,500 units, plus high-rises. Yikes!

Future vision is necessary right now, because once cemented and paved it is gone forever.

Marcie Mitteregger, Nanaimo

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